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For The Love of Fabric

Updated: Nov 28, 2020

It's just a few short weeks since I launched my Debut Collection and this is my first blog post and it is with equal measure of excitement and nervousness that they are presented.

My name is Vida. I have always been fascinated by fabrics and have collected and bought them from my favourite brands ever since I can remember. Whether a Liberty print or a Designers Guild limited edition, the fascination started with a cross stitch bookmark I made as a child. It is quite amazing how a needle and thread can transform a blank canvas.

Fast forward half a century and I am exploring an untapped passion for creating beautiful things – beautiful cushions to be specific - that are capable of transforming a room. My hope is I can add something special, memorable, loved and treasured over time and generations to spaces old and new, small and large, near and far – spaces and places that are special to those who call them home.

The Debut Collection is a test of my ability to create luxury pieces at an affordable price in small numbers, so they really are one of a kind. The collection covers three intertwining themes inspired by the fabrics themselves and my personal relationship with the present. This is the start and I want to take inspiration from our planet at a time where life as we know it is in jeopardy.

Across three sub-themes: Seven Seas, Air de Provence and Designed by Nature, the collection has taken me on a journey to appreciate things that have been denied us in this year that will be remembered as pivotal for many. Access to the sea globally has been restricted, our ability to go out into nature and explore its beauty has been on hold and freedom to travel to favourite destinations has been at risk. I have found myself traveling and learning through the fabrics in this collection. I have researched the designers of the fabrics and the inspiration for each one and I have created my own story with each.

I hope the cushions enjoy beautiful homes as much as the homes enjoy them. Each cushion is handmade by talented craftsmen and each has its own story waiting to be told.

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